Ben Nathan offers an elevated online presence with a combination of modern marketing and strategic outreach.


Ben Nathan offers an elevated online presence with a combination of modern real estate marketing and strategic outreach.

Where buyers
are coming from

Before learning about our real estate marketing and sales strategy, let’s look at data from National Association of Realtors to understand where buyers find the homes they purchase.

Ben Nathan has built a dominant online presence with a combination of innovative real estate marketing and strategic outreach.

Our content reaches international buyers and investors using a broad range of platforms. Cutting-edge lead capture and unique tracking URLs ensure exposure and buyer retention.

Digital Media Reach


Global Reach

16m+ Views per month

Publishing 800+ websites, reaching over 16m page views, with 35% of the traffic coming from hotspots like NYC, Paris, LA, and Hong Kong.

Strategic Media Planning

20+ Madia Partners

Our program encompasses a distinguished portfolio of media partners, from Haut Living, Architectural Digest, and Condé Nast Traveler, to name a few. 

Local Market Presence

Your property gains maximum local and national visibility by advertising and marketing on leading media outlets like Zillow and Realtor.com

Social Media

10k+ Followers

Ben is building a robust social media presence, including 6k followers on Instagram – this number rivals all the local Real Estate agents.

“We are a creative sales team. We strive to innovate communication strategies that challenge the mass-market approach.” – Ben

Instagram to Engage

We use Instagram to “create a buzz” and connect with the community. This helps us secure motivated buyers as soon as a property hits the market.

Property Pages

For each property we list for sale, we create a beautiful webpage to feature the home in a way that makes it stand out. Below is a property we listed far from Sarasota in a foreign county and market. 

Print Strategy

Did you know Ben started his career in Print Advertising? Let Ben strategically market your listing to create the highest level of awareness.

Email Marketing

We create gripping content about each listing and send weekly reports to our sellers to track our online presence.

We also use targeted email blasts, sent to a carefully-chosen audience who are likely to purchase the home.

Video Marketing

One of the best ways to capture prospective home buyers is to create cutting-edge content. This is the key to real estate marketing. 

Facebook Marketing

Each property has a story to tell. We create gripping content about each of our listings and the neighborhoods surrounding them.

We also target carefully-chosen audiences using facebook advertising. 

3D Virtual Tours

With a 3D virtual tour, prospective buyers can do their walkthrough of your properties from anywhere at any time.

Research & Collateral

Are you selling an Architecturally significant home? Because we research all aspects of the house for our real estate marketing. Its architect, plans, surveys, modifications, and blueprints. We also create clean floor plans and illustrations documenting the history and design, along with commentary and other relevant home information.

Research architects and plans

Obtain or create blueprints

Collect Documents

Create an Illustrated home, floorplans, custom products, and collateral marketing.