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Living a modern life

Modern Zig Zag house in Sarasota

Modern structures are synonymous with some of the best architecture in the United States. In Sarasota, you will find classical modern homes, Florida modern, innovative modern, “green” modern, mid century modern or eclectic homes transformed into a modern design.

In addition, Sarasota is the birthplace of the Sarasota School of Architecture, which is famous for the use of experimental techniques.

Characteristics of modern architecture

Elements of modern design emerged from a shift toward less formality in our homes and lifestyle. Rigid forms, conventional standards, and traditional style were replaced with design freedom and natural expression. 

The new millennium has seen even more of a shift to self-reliance, individualism, and sustainability.

features of modern homes in Sarasota

Features of Bungalow Homes

Modern home features

Features of modern homes

  • Open floor plan
  • Larger open spaces
  • Built of concrete, metal, and glass
  • Use of natural light
  • Clean lines
  • Geometric shapes
  • Leading lines
  • Flat roofs

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