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If you are looking for an architectural home some of the most sought after attributes in real estate are ‘space’ and ‘light’. Florida has an abundance of both, and our architects have been emphasizing them since the 20th century. 

An architect-designed home is every bit as wise an investment as a piece of fine art. It is unique because it is a one-of-a-kind crafted object, tailor-made to suit its site and surroundings, and enhance its occupants’ lives.

Architecture and design are not disposable commodities. Contrary to our DIY-obsessed culture, they embrace the most intangible essence of a property – how it makes us feel.

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A Collective


Our approach is shaped by collective efforts to stay in contact with architects, owners, prospective buyers, in addition to our research. This makes us uniquely placed to connect with design-literate buyers and sellers.

With each architectural home listed for sale, we research all aspects of the home. Its architect, then produce a content that documents the history and design, along with plans, surveys, commentary and any other relevant info from the architect.

As we develop cutting edge content, we pay particular attention to the photography and flow of the design, so it becomes a valuable, lasting record and signature of the residence.

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Looking for Architectural Homes?

Architectural Homes will rarely have a large number of properties on offer due to the relative scarcity of 20th and 21st-century homes of architectural significance.

If you plan to purchase an exeptional home, we recommend that you register your interest to purchase by clicking the "Search Homes" button. 

Please note that some properties are not on the Multiple Listing Services or our website. Owners of ‘silent listings’ do not want the exposure of their property on the internet. 

You can also "search by style" to visit our curated list of lifestyle and architectural homes.

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Ben Nathan started with the distinct vision of bringing together buyers and sellers of architecturally significant residences. 

Architectural houses and apartments are increasingly rare, especially those from the early to mid 20th century. Part of Ben's mission is to advocate for their preservation wherever we can. He does this through his commitment to finding buyers who appreciate design and who see themselves as custodians for a residence of architectural merit.