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Bungalow Homes

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About Bungalow Homes

Bungalow home in Laurel Park Sarasota

Bungalows were widely popular across America between the 1890s to 1940s. Southwest Florida is home to many fine examples of bungalow architecture, from high style Craftsman to bungalows inspired by Spanish Colonial, Mission, and of course, the Floridian Conch Bungalow style.

The classic bungalow attributes of style, simplicity, sound construction, and living close to nature maintain these homes as a famous symbol of California living.

Characteristics of Bungalow Homes

Influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, bungalow architecture emphasizes a horizontal link between the house and the land around it.

The use of natural, local materials and colors also reinforce this home-earth relationship. California Bungalows are commonly seen with Craftsman lines or in a Spanish Colonial motif.

Bungalow home with porch in Sarasota

Features of Bungalow Homes

Bungalow home with vintage hardware in Sarasota

Features of Bungalow Homes

  • Low, sloping roof either gabled (front or side) or hipped, often with wide overhangs
  • Exposed roof structure (beams, rafters)
  • Exterior proportions balanced rather than symmetrical
  • Modest front porch
  • Front stoop
  • Focus on a garden, even if small
  • Open, informal floor plan
  • Prominent hearth
  • Interior wood details

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