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Ben Nathan is determined to help you through the Sarasota real estate scene. If you are new to sarasota, or you've lived here your whole life, it can be intimidating to understand all the different choices of lifestyle and architecture.

Whether you are looking for a waterfront estate, a modern masterpiece associated with the Sarasota School of Architecture, or a Mediterranean Revival home reminiscent of the French Riviera. Helping you navigate through the complexities of Sarasota real estate is just one way Ben Nathan services clients. 

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Explore Sarasota real estate. Unlock all the real estate  knowledge and services that are offered by Ben Nathan.

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Let's be clear on one thing, Ben Nathan believes luxury is an experience, not a price point. He started with the distinct vision of bringing together buyers and sellers of architectural homes. If you are ready to explore sarasota real estate, Ben is ready to offer a luxury real estate experience. 

Using his combination of real estate, sales, and marketing expertise‚Ķ he now provides a state of the art service for buyers and sellers all around Southwest Florida. Luxury is not a price-point, it's a quality of service. 

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  • Clarity on your real-estate goals and how to reach them.
  • To experience Ben Nathan's level of service and see if it's a good fit for you.
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  • Answers to your big questions so you can decide with confidence. 

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  • No high-pressure sales tactics.
  • No strings attached "I'm not interested" is an acceptable answer.


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